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25 Written Plans You Need In Your Painting Business

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Our collection of 25 OSHA safety topics and written plans can easily help you place the framework for OSHA compliant safety practices into your business. With your purchase you will receive all plans, customized for your business, and instant access to our “executive courses” providing insight into key points you must know for each topic. Start protecting your business from potential fines today!

We’ve prioritized the to-do list of topics:

Imperative plans – cover topics that can get your business shut down

Essential plans – cover the next tier of topics that should be addressed quickly

Necessary plans – cover topics you must address but which occur less often or have a smaller impact on overall safety.

Safety Plans

Safety Plans

Safety Plans


protective equipment, health exposure, ventilation systems, spill prevention, fire prevention, spray painting, portable equipment, electrical equipment, identification & removal & disposal of lead based paints
Drug & Alcohol Free Workplace

searches, testing, resources, procedures, definitions
Workplace Security

background information, symptoms of violent behavior, security safety plan, compliance, communication, inspections, investigations, corrections, training and instruction, record keeping


hazards, guardrails, personal fall arrest, warning lines, safety harness inspection report, what situations require fall protection, covers systems, from falling objects, monitoring, identification and evaluation


temporary contract worker safety, pre-construction meetings, codes & regulations, housekeeping, fire prevention & protection, noncompliance, training, reporting, PPE

conservation, identification, measurements and exposure, monitoring, employee protective equipment, use of protective devices, training, evaluation, record-keeping


responsibilities, fit testing respirators, quantitative fit testing, training, inspection process, types of respirators, warning signs of failure, maintenance, confined spaces, definitions, selection, medical evaluations, fit checking, worksheets


employee responsibilities, inspection requirements, tow point suspended, anchor points, fall protection, designs and construction
Vehicle Safety

safety guidelines, personal responsibilities, service requirements, restraining devices, operating rules, accident reports, driver's check up, fueling, tire inflation

responsibilities, procedures, assessments, eye and face protection, training for PPE, specifications, eyewash facilities, protective hearing equipment, respiratory protection, head protection, proper footwear


definitions, site specific safety, site characterizations, general safety, contractors and subs, site control, chemical protective suits, monitoring, decontamination procedures
Eye Wash

station requirements, station use, procedures & training, maintenance, contained or plumbed

definitions, hazards, procurement, care, audit questions, requirements
Heat Stress

preparing for heat, reducing heat stress, rest areas, safety problems, definitions, protective clothing, employee training docs
Storage & Safety

material storage, management & employees responsibility, flammable storage, environmental controls, compressed gas storage

Safety & Health

responsibility, employee responsibilities, employee right, record keeping, safe practices, training, investigation, identification & evaluation of hazards, work safe practices, communication, compliance,
safety and health training, corrective action, hazardous assessment & control, documentation


disposal of hazardous chemical waste, storage, definitions, administrative controls, employee responsibilities

the environment, employee responsibility, electrical safety, waste disposal, monitors, lighting, indoor air quality, safe work practices
Incidents & Investigations

responsibilities, applications and scope, supervision, record keeping, employees training, implementation, forms & worksheets, events, occupational injuries & illnesses, investigations


inventory, labeling, MSDS, hygiene, accidents & spills, storage, inspections, education of employee exposure, protective apparel & equipment, training, new employees

Fire &

prevention, exits, extinguisher maintenance, purchasing, emergencies, evacuation routes, safety coordinators, three stage evacuation plan, damage assessment

Health & Safety

ladders, small tools, fire protection, equipment safety rules, lifting & carrying, fall prevention, cuts & puncture prevention, office safety rules, employee compliance & safety rules, general safety rules, discipline, employee responsibilities, employee rights, personal conduct, accident & injury reporting

General Industry
Slips, Trips & Falls

employee responsibilities, rooftop work area, stair & ladder hazards, obstructions, surface conditions, lifting, delivery areas

safety requirements, inspections, employee responsibilities, practices, procedures, powered equipment, energy safety training, lock-out devices, tag-out devices
General Shop & Work Area Safety

employee responsibilities, compressed air sources, tools, material storage, fire prevention, shop layout, PPE

OSHA’s safety standards have been designed for the full breadth of the construction industry, but only bits and pieces of the various standards apply to operations as a painting contractor. You need to know what they are and how they effect you without spending a ton of time sifting through regulations that don’t apply to you.

Please realize that OSHA requires all of these topics to be addressed in your business at all times and does not recognize or endorse our distinctions. We provide this framework simply to help you focus your energies. We cannot be held responsible for your lack of implementation or implementation effectiveness in any way. And by the very nature of condensing thousands of pages of OSHA standards into a handful of bullet-pointed lists and written content, our program is incomplete and consequently may not be completely accurate.