Protect your business from OSHA/EPA fines
OSHA Safety Program

Osha Safety Program for Painting Contractors

This safety program is designed for your painting business: What to do. When to do it. And how to do it. In plain English.

We’ve developed tools to help you implement and document safe work practices in the quickest and easiest way possible. This will help protect your business from fines and your workers from serious injuries.

There are too many standards, they take too long to decipher, and those that apply to you are mixed in with a lot that don’t. You just want to know what you actually have to do!

OSHA requires that you do three things:

  • You MUST have written safety plans that your workers (employees and/or subs) know about and agree to follow. Our Program Gives you:
    • 24 matching written plans you need to have on file or in the field
      • Your company name and address will be inserted in all the appropriate areas on each written plan
      • Forms are emailed in PDF format at your request within 48 hours of your order
  • You MUST ensure your workers have been trained and briefed about safe work practices. Our Program Gives You:
    • 60+ forms, fact sheets, and other resources
      • A mobile app to streamline compliance in the field and in the office
      • Documentation requirements and their explanation at your fingertips
      • Toolbox Safety Talks for Workers delivered to your inbox every 2 weeks
  • You MUST enforce those written plans and safe work practices in the field. Our Program Courses Gives You:
    • Online Course explaining:
      • What you must do to ensure workers are properly trained and equipped to conduct themselves safely on the job-site (employees and subs alike)
      • What your responsibilities are as the business owner or general manager

These are the three pillars of a solid safety program. Putting these in place will dramatically reduce the likelihood of accidents and protect your business.

What We Offer

OSHA Safety Program for Painting Contractors

This is the foundational tool we offer. It includes:

  • 25 written OSHA Safety Plans, which address specific safety topics that pertain to the tasks and hazards your workers face on a daily basis, customized and sent to you for your business.
  • Online course of each written plan in plain English so you know what your workers are supposed to be doing in the field, what you are required to do as the business owner or general manager, and other items we think you need to be able to speak intelligently about. Study and learn it all or use it as reference when needed.
  • Online course of how OSHA views different labor sources (subs v. employees) and how to handle safety issues for each.
  • Online course of OSHA inspections – what to expect, how they happen, what to say and what not to say!
  • Online course of OSHA’s documentation requirements with clearly defined examples to help you understand those requirements.
  • Access to and support from the program’s author through email and telephone.

The price for membership in the OSHA Safety Program for Painting Contractors is a one-time cost of $1497. To learn more or start your membership, email or call Terry Ladd at (206) 446-8463.

Toolbox Talks Safety Briefings

You must ensure your workers are trained to recognize safety hazards and perform work tasks in a safe manner. Moreover, your workers are required to receive a safety briefing at least once every 10 work days or 14 calendar days whichever comes first. We have created 52 simple briefings, many translated into Spanish, that meet these requirements. Topics covered include:

  • Ladder safety & fall protection
  • Ariel lift safety & scaffolding safety
  • Respiratory protection
  • Lead safety awareness
  • Heat stress & hearing protection
  • And many, many other safety topics

FREE Toolbox Talks Safety Briefings, include over 50+ safety briefings emailed directly to your inbox bi-weekly when you sign up for our newsletter. Alternatively, you can use our other tool: Mobile App

This mobile app’s primary function is to make safety enforcement and documentation a breeze, ensuring you have the RIGHT form in the RIGHT hands at the RIGHT time. It is designed as a multi-user app, meaning you can create accounts for your staff members and distribute the jobs of performing safety inspections and safety briefings to those closest to the work.

All submitted forms are securely stored in the cloud so they never go lost or missing. And all submitted forms are searchable by job name, user name, form name, and date. Forms are quickly and easily completed by management, staff, or front line workers, and all forms are checklist-based, include areas for text entry, signature capture, and photo insertion. 

Forms included in the app:

  • OSHA safety inspection form
  • Accident investigation reports for the worker and supervisor
  • 52 safety briefings with multiple signature lines per form
  • BONUS FORMS for EPA RRP Lead-Based Paint work include:
    • EPA RRP Renovate Right pamphlet customer disclosure
    • EPA RRP Renovation Recordkeeping Checklist
    • Initial Conditions inventory

This mobile app is FREE! A $20/month servicing fee is required for the primary user of an account with the ability to add additional users for $5/month each. To learn more or get started, visit

We Get It

Safety isn’t sexy, but accidents do happen and the fines are very real. In fact, while the average OSHA fine is only about $11,000, the distractions created by an accident and/or an inspection often cost more than $100,000 in lost business while you struggle to clean up the mess. DON’T GET CAUGHT UNPREPARED! Use our tools to prevent accidents from happening and minimize the invasiveness of documenting your safety program.

Want to learn more about our products? Simply email or call Terry Ladd at (206) 446-8463 to ask your questions and get started!