Protect your business from OSHA/EPA fines
Lead Safety Program

Lead Safety Program For Painting Contractors

Failure to comply with the regulations can be very costly to the contractor when the inspector shows up.

Our Lead Safety Program is designed for painting contractors as a one stop resource and guide to implement the many necessary procedures, documents and tests to protect their employees, customers, and the environment according to EPA, OSHA and state regulations.

Here is a brief list of common fine amounts:

  • EPA fines can reach $37,500 for contractors who do not carry the proper EPA RRP credentials; fines for actual transgression of field operational requirements are scalable, but usually start at $5,000 per occurrence.
  • OSHA fines often start at $10,000, but they have the authority to scale fines higher or lower in proportion to the size of the company in violation, as well as the severity of the transgression. It is not uncommon for OSHA to assess fines greater than $30,000, and occasionally more than $100,000. OSHA is a self- funding organization, meaning that there are little or no monies provided by the government for its operation. Thus, when they show up on a job site it is not uncommon for them to find even a minor violation they can write a ticket for, just to cover their costs. And if they find meaningful violations, the fines can quickly escalate.
  • Many local building department fines start at $1,000 a day until compliance is achieved.

Your Problem: How to Deal with Lead Paint Regulations and Compliance

Dealing with old legacy lead paint has become a nightmare for most contractors. And now with the new EPA rules requiring specific procedures to be followed, there are so many regulating bodies to keep straight, too many rules to implement (many of which conflict with each other!), and the whole thing constantly seems to be changing. Most contractors want to do the right thing, but don’t know how to get started. They put a few safety items in place (respirators and plastic, for example), and put their heads in the sand about the rest, hoping they won’t get visited by the inspectors. But ignorance of the law is not a defense and all the regulatory agencies are stepping up enforcement!

Our Solution: Implement this comprehensive, guided, scalable Lead Safety Program

This program was developed by paint contractors for paint contractors. It strips away all the legalese and provides an easy step-by-step process to meet the requirements for the vast majority of the various laws, thereby protecting your customers, your employees, the environment, and your business!

What You Get: The Program, Online Access, Ongoing Support

The program is broken into three segments – Human Resource Tasks, Management Level Tasks, and Field Operations Tasks. Each segment provides a list of requirements and step-by-step processes to meet those requirements, as well as downloadable documents to meet or track compliance. And The Program is scalable so that you can start today and add more pieces of the program as the previous pieces become routine, allowing you to manage the change within your business without overwhelming your existing operations.